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minishiba momo must be stopped


fem kageyama………….Nice


Diamond no Ace booze for today.


I didnt ship that but then I saw the fan art a short story by me


Free! Eternal Summer  II  official Character Stats

from the Newtype Magazine (08/2014)  edited by


Kuroko no Hikari-tachi (Kuroko’s Lights)


A second selection of Backgrounds made for Space Dandy #9, episode imagined and directed by Eunyoung Choi. —->Previous selection

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Best of Free! → The Kouhais with their Senpais
Anonymous: aoba ties to act cute and have koujaku stand behind him to show him how to use certain workout thingsand acts like he doesnt know how to do it but he just wants his buff boyfriend all over his back


[sneaks back into clump of gym themed asks]

Ooooooh yeah, you and me both Aoba. you and me both.

good golly gosh. Aoba being abnormally thirsty is my favorite thing. He tries to play it off like he’s the one in control and that Koujaku is such a big dumb nerd for making moves on him, but then Koujaku starts taking his shirt off and Aoba just melts instantly.

poor bastard never stood a chance